Helping us index papers is a huge help, and it’s not super hard!

By indexing a student paper, you help begin the process of turning academic research into an interactive visualization for public consumption. Follow the steps below, and make a huge contribution to the State of Black Asheville and be a data hero!

Quick Links:


You can help us bring important information to the public by indexing a student paper!



Step 1: Find a Paper

This step is super easy, click here and find a paper you’d like to index.

Click the paper’s title, then click “Download Paper” to either download the paper to view it in a web browser.



Step 2: Open the index template and make a copy.

Once the student paper is pulled up, open our index template. You’ll need to be signed into Google Drive.

In the top menu, click “File” >> “Make a Copy”.

You should then be taken to your own personal copy of our index template. Now for the fun part!



Step 3: Index the document

Indexing is super easy! Go through the student paper, page by page, and fill out the following sections of the index document:

  • Your name (optional, but we’ll give you credit for your index!)
  • Title of paper
  • Author of paper
  • Date of publication
  • Brief description of paper
  • As you encounter visualizations throughout the document, list each one*. Each Visualization Should Contain the Following:
    • Screenshot of visualization (IF POSSIBLE).
    • Title of visualization (INCLUDE DATE RANGE IF APPLICABLE)
    • Brief description of visualization
    • List of Sources (including title of source and URL, if applicable)

*Visualizations include, but are not limited to: charts, graphs, tables, maps, or images. When in doubt, go ahead and record it 🙂



Step 4: Submit the index

Done indexing? Great job! Only one more thing to do – share the index file you just made with Once we receive the index, we’ll mark the student paper as no longer needing an index, and we’ll publish the visualizations that you indexed!

You just became a public data hero! Take a moment to bask in your glory!