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Fast Facts & Data

Detention Facility PopulationĀ 

  • Blacks (16 yrs +) are 5.6% of BC population yet make up 28% of those jailed (Buncombe County Detention Facility Average Daily Population 2015, State Pretrial Inmates. Population: North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management, ages 16 and over.)

Juvenile Offenders

  • In 2008 – 09, 1 in every 179 White youths and 1 in every 34 Black youths were charged with a crime (NC Department of Justice).
  • The average age for of first offense for Black males is 13.63 years old, while the average age for White males is 14.35.

Death Row

  • Buncombe County convicted nine individuals to death row in 2009. One third of these individuals were Black, even though Blacks comprised just 7.1% of Buncombe County’s population at the time (NC Department of Corrections and 2010 United States Census).
  • In 2010, 82 of 159 individuals on North Carolina’s death row were black. 22% named Buncombe County as their county of residence. Black men comprised less than 4% of the county’s population (NC Department of Corrections and 2010 United States Census).

Traffic Stops

  • In 2018, 24% of drivers stopped by APD were Black; 47% of drivers searched after a traffic stop were Black (NC Department of Justice via Open Data Policing).

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